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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L...: Principia
Season 5, Episode 13: " Principia "

Coming off a major landmark episode can be rough. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 13 follows the show's downright awesome 100th installment, which ended with the long-awaited FitzSimmons wedding. Whil... more

Once Upon a Time: The Origin of Hook...
Season 7, Episode 13: " Knightfall "

It was a convoluted road bringing him into the fold, but since his introduction, Wish Hook has been one of the highlights of Once Upon a Time season 7. Yet as fun as the character has been, he hasn't had many episod... more

Dynasty: Fallon and Cristal...
Season 1, Episode 15: " Our Turn Now "

  • Company Slut
    The claws are out, and they are sharper than ever on Dynasty Season 1 Epi...
  • The Best Things In LIfe
    The past catches up with Cristal on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 8.  Eve...

On this episode of Dynasty, titled "Our Turn Now," Fallon prepares to walk down the aisle while Blake devises a plan to get out from under the Colby's grasp, Cecil Colby takes a drastic step to exact revenge and Bla... more

Jane The Virgin: Chapter Seventy-Se...
Season 4, Episode 13: " Chapter Seventy-Seven "

  • Chapter Forty-Seven
    She may still be Jane, but she is certainly no longer a virgin! Jane a...
  • Chapter Sixty-Five
    On Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 1, yet another lover from Jane's past...

Let's get the looming mystery out of the way, shall we? On Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 13, Xiomara uttered the words no one ever wants to hear from their loved ones: "I have breast cancer." The reve... more

Once Upon a Time: Knightfall
Season 7, Episode 13: " Knightfall "

Meh.  That's about all I can muster after Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 13 which found the characters doing things at such a slow pace that I thought a curse had been cast on my TV set.  Despite L... more





The Walking Dead

Episode 11, Season 8

Grey's Anatomy

Episode 15, Season 14

The Flash

Episode 16, Season 4

This Is Us

Episode 18, Season 2


Episode 2, Season 7


Marvel's Agents of...

Episode 13, Season 5


Episode 17, Season 3


Episode 14, Season 4

The Blacklist

Episode 16, Season 5

Riverdale (US)

Episode 15, Season 2



NCIS: Los Angeles: [WATCH] 'NCIS: Los Angeles' Sneak Peek: Is an Underground Sp...

Now that the team has rescued Hetty, the agents can refocus on saving Los Angeles -- and they're going to need to in NCIS: LA season 9 episode 15. In "Liabilities," Callen and Sam pull Granger's daughter, former spy Jennifer Kim, from witness protection to help the team locate an underground spy who has obtained an arsenal of bomb materials. Watch the promo for "Liabilities": [YouTube=ku6fGdUkLl0] Watch Sam and Callen have to run for their lives: [YouTube=xJoUPC2KCAY] After checking a fishing... more

How To Get Away With Murder: 'How to Get Away with Murder' OMG Moment: What Happened to L...

It wouldn't be a How to Get Away with Murder season finale without several twists and turns and many questions that need answers ASAP, and while the title may be "Nobody Else Is Dying," we don't know if someone wasn't killed off-screen before everything went down. But the mystery of what happened to Laurel's mother isn't the only mystery and big moment of the season 4 finale. Michaela made a move against Annalise, someone was arrested and we met someone's kid near the end of the h... more

Grey's Anatomy: 'Grey's Anatomy': Should Meredith Have Undone Her Mother's L...

On Grey's Anatomy, the doctors dealt with matters of the heart in episode 15, titled "Old Scars, Future Hearts." A young heart patient experiencing the throes of first love caused Maggie, Jo and Alex -- who faced a make-it or break-it obstacle in their relationship -- to reminisce about their own first loves. Meredith dealt with the aftermath of what happens when a different kind of love -- the kind that exists between best friends and confidants -- goes sour. Meredith learned what caused the rift bet... more

Dancing With the Stars: How Many Female Athletes Have Been on 'Dancing with the Star...

For season 26, Dancing with the Stars is trying something new: an all-athlete season. There will only be 10 couples and four weeks, but all of the stars will be from the wide world of sports. That may be easy to do for the men, but when it comes to female athletes, the show hasn't had the best track record. Almost one-third of all seasons haven't featured any female athletes and when it comes to stars from the sports world, men have outnumbered women by more tan double on the ballroom. If the gen... more

Grey's Anatomy: The Saddest Moment on 'Grey's Anatomy' Is a Peek into Alex a...

Alex and Jo are Grey's Anatomy's most under-appreciated couple. They just don't get the attention they deserve, but "Old Scars, Future Hearts" takes a closer look at their stories, both together and individually, and man, the tears were flowing. Alex and Jo get caught up in a heavy-handed allegory about a two young people in love, one who has a sick heart but won't accept a transplant because he's afraid the new heart won't love his boyfriend. The boyfriend breaks up with his sick... more





Episode 7, Season 2


Episode 6, Season 1

Jane The Virgin

Episode 13, Season 4

Marvel's Agents of...

Episode 13, Season 5

Once Upon a Time

Episode 13, Season 7



Episode 15, Season 3


Episode 15, Season 1

MasterChef Junior

Episode 4, Season 6

How To Get Away Wi...

Episode 15, Season 4

Lip Sync Battle

Episode 8, Season 4



Episode 3, Season 2


Episode 2, Season 1


Episode 9, Season 1

Will and Grace

Episode 14, Season 9


Episode 14, Season 7