The Purge: The Urge to Purge
Season 1, Episode 3: " The Urge to Purge "

  • Take What's Yours
    It feels a little bit wrong writing about Purging on the latest anniversar...
  • The Urge to Purge
    Oh, where to start when all of the storylines get a kick in the pants? ...

Oh, where to start when all of the storylines get a kick in the pants? The Purge Season 1 Episode 3 was a lot more fun than the previous two installments even if it was just as easy to kick back and roll you... more

Elementary: Whatever Remains, ...
Season 6, Episode 21: " Whatever Remains, However Improb... "

  • Miss Taken
    Well played, Elementary. Well played. You kept me guessing until the ver...
  • Alma Matters
    It's enough to make you hate higher education, isn't it? It's bad enough...

What a great twist! Sherlock and Joan found an innovative way to reboot their partnership on Elementary Season 6 Episode 21. After six years in New York, maybe it is time for them to have a change, as th... more

Insecure: Ready-Like
Season 3, Episode 6: " Ready-Like "

  • Fresh-Like
    Even though Issa is going in a new direction with a fresh start, Insecure...
  • High-Like
    On Insecure Season 3 Episode 5, Issa's responsibilities are taken to a wh...

On Insecure Season 3 Episode 6, Issa aims to get back on her feet, but she's swept back under when she bumps into Lawrence. Insecure really did just successfully pull off one of the greatest tricks of all ti... more

Shameless: Mo White for Presi...
Season 9, Episode 2: " Mo White! "

Poor Liam.  On Shameless Season 9 Episode 2 the child paid for the sins of his father, and it resulted in his ouster from the lucrative private school that gave him the start in life all of the Gallagher c... more

The Last Ship: Fog of War
Season 5, Episode 2: " Fog of War "

  • Sole Survivor
    When a transmission from a sole survivor is heard on The Last Ship Season...
  • Nostos
    It's mission accomplished. Sort of. By the end of The Last Ship Seaso...

That didn't take long. The Nathan James was quickly back to being the "Point of the Spear" on The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 2. After all, most of that ship's crew is used to being part of the U.S. Navy'... more





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Larry Lamb, Hayley Mills Star In New Acorn, BBC Drama 'Pitch...

Larry Lamb and Hayley Mills will star in “Pitching In,” a new family drama for the BBC in the U.K. and the Acorn TV streaming service in the U.S. Lamb (“Gavin & Stacey”) and Mills (“The Parent Trap”) started shooting scenes this week as production got underway. The series is set around a caravan park on the north Wales coast. It follows three generations of the same family, struggling to make the best of a complicated set up, with returning daughter and other family. Lamb plays Frank, who run... more

James Marsden, Ed Asner Join Netflix Series 'Dead to Me'

James Marsden and Ed Asner have been cast in the upcoming Netflix series “Dead to Me.” The series is described as a dark comedy about a powerful friendship that blossoms between a tightly wound widow and a free spirit with a shocking secret. Marsden and Asner join previously announced cast members Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, Max Jenkins, and Luke Roessler. Marsden will play a love interest to Judy (Cardellini) who seems confident and logical, but beyond that facade is a vulnerable man... more

American Gods: 'American Gods' Season 2 Loses Showrunner as Problems Plague...

American Gods Season 2 Showrunner Fired? Oh god, what is going on with American Gods? Showrunners Michael Green and Bryan Fuller were both fired from the series after the first season, with reports indicating the duo were taking the show over budget. After their ousting, Jesse Alexander came in to run season 2, but now, his time with the show is reportedly up. THR has an alarming new exposé on the behind-the-scenes troubles plaguing American Gods, stating that “Alexander was asked to stop working on... more

Lee Pace Joins Hong Kong Drama Series 'Flying Tiger' in Key ...

Lee Pace has been cast in the upcoming second season of the Hong Kong action-drama series “Flying Tiger,” Variety has learned exclusively. The series follows an elite Hong Kong police officer who is tasked with infiltrating a dangerous criminal organization. The exact details of Pace’s role are being kept under wraps, but it is known he will be playing an American villain on the show. The show is produced by Shaw Brothers Studio and airs on Youku. The producers of the show are said to have activ... more

Insatiable: 'Insatiable' Renewed for Second Season at Netflix

Congrats, “Insatiable” fans! Your new favorite show has been renewed for a second season at Netflix. (And to the many of you who hate it, our condolences.) The Debby Ryan-led revenge comedy’s Season 2 will debut in 2019. Ryan announced the news herself in a video tweeted by the Netflix series’ official account Wednesday. “Insatiable” centers around Patty (Ryan), a high schooler who was overweight for years, which caused her to be bullied, ignored and underestimated by the people around her. ... more





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