3 Crazy Theories About the Third Worldkiller on 'Supergirl'

3 Crazy Theories About the Third Worldkiller on 'Supergirl'

Supergirl doesn't really need another villain for season 3. Reign has proved to be more than enough obstacle for Kara and the gang. That hasn't stopped the show from moving forward with the idea that Reign isn't the only Worldkiller. 

The last Supergirl episode before the show's break, "Both Sides Now," revealed the second Worldkiller, Purity, but there's still one more to go. Considering how Supergirl is treating the identity of this third villain as such a secret, it looks like the third Worldkiller will be a big surprise. Here are a few possibilities of who will become that shocking third Worldkiller.



"Both Sides Now" did more than move the ball forward on the Worldkiller storyline by having Reign find Purity and recruit her. It also set up the possibility that Mon-El and Imra's marriage is going to dissolve in rapid order with the reveals that their relationship began because of a political alliance and Mon-El's feelings for her are not nearly as passionate as those for Kara. Supergirl could advance that potential break-up even further by revealing that Imra is the third of these Worldkillers. 

The third part of a love triangle turning out to be secretly evil is certainly nothing new for a genre show. In fact, a few fans have probably been predicting that Imra has nefarious intentions since Mon-El introduced her to Kara as his wife. The interesting thing about Worldkillers is that their evil persona is out of the control the host body, so there would be a little bit of a twist to the standard formula. Although considering Imra already has powers, her entire personality could be a facade, similar to how Alex though Purity was "faking" Julia.

There's multiple ways to go with Imra as a Worldkiller. Regardless, her turning out to be the third Worldkiller would be an angsty and potentially dramatically fraught scenario for Supergirl to bring together the threads of the love triangle and the season-long plot. 


This is a bit of long shot, for sure. Supergirl has established that while Worldkillers come from Krypton, they're a lot different than Kryptonians. Their powers don't come from the same source. Kara definitely, like her cousin Superman, gets her powers from Earth's sun. Yet there are some subtle bits of evidence that suggest that Kara could have a Worldkiller lurking inside of her. 

Thomas Coville was convinced that the only way Kara could've defeated Reign was to take her place. Then there's the fact that when Sam was first transitioning to Reign, she kept receiving disturbing visions of Kara's mother, Alura. Supergirl has yet to reveal what the meaning behind those visions were because so far Alura has almost nothing to do with the Worldkiller mythology. Alura has enough established history with shaky morality that she could be involved with the Worldkillers and might've even experimented on her own daughter. 

There's also the mystery of knowing that Kara survived according to the Legion's understanding of the future but the Worldkillers weren't defeated. Maybe that's because in the Legion's version of history, Kara joined the Worldkillers. 

It's hard to ignore the fact that Kara fighting against an evil version of herself would fit well into Supergirl season 3's overall narrative. Kara has been trying to balance her human and alien lives all season and it would be interesting wrinkle to add an even darker legacy as a Worldkiller to all of that turmoil. 


There are solid arguments to be made for Kara and Imra suddenly awakening to some Worldkiller destiny. However the cases for both ladies does pale in comparison to the one that can be made for Lena. The previous two Worldkillers have a couple similarities -- both Sam and Julia believed themselves to be average people, adopted by their families, but otherwise unremarkable. The only (human) character in Supergirl who has been adopted and has a history of dark behavior is Lena. 

Lillian did explain in season 2 that Lena's place in the Luthor family isn't completely due to adoption. According to Lillian, Lena is the product of Lionel Luthor's affair with an unknown woman but that could be easily a story. Lillian (and presumably Lionel) Luthor are hardly the most reliable sources of information. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to believe that Lena's origin story is very similar to Sam's, in that she was found by Lionel, who claimed her as her biological daughter. 

Supergirl has, for a long time, been positioning Lena for some dark side arc. While it seems like that turn to evil will come of her own free will, it could also come about against her will like Sam's turn to Reign. This way Supergirl keeps Lena's morality intact but also has a chance to explore her as a villain in a relatively harmless way. 

Do you have any theories on the third Worldkiller? Will it be an established character or someone brand new? Who should it be? What would you like to see happen when Supergirl returns for the rest of season 3? 

Supergirl season 3 returns Monday, April 16 at 8/7c on The CW


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