Best 'Supernatural' Quotes from 'Devil's Bargain'

Best 'Supernatural' Quotes from 'Devil's Bargain'

This week's episode of Supernatural included plenty of huge bombshells. Sam and Dean finally came up with a plan to rescue Mary and Jack from Apocalypse World, Lucifer made a connection with Sister Jo and found a surprising new position, and in the biggest shock, a long-dead character is somehow back.

Sister Jo (played by Danneel Ackles, Jensen's real-life wife) turned out to be an angel named Anael, and she's one smart and savvy businesswoman. Her alliance with Lucifer, now standing by his side as he rules Heaven, makes for a very interesting relationship. It's definitely a great introduction for her character, a compelling and strategic woman who knows what she wants and how to move up in the world..

I'm also happy to see Ketch continue to weasel and maneuver his way out of certain death, proposing a new role as a double agent within Asmodeus' camp for the Winchesters. But the episode ended with a big decision for the traitorous former British Man of Letters assassin. Will Ketch tell Sam and Dean about the Archangel Blade and the mysterious resurrection of a bruised and bloodied Gabriel?

Here's a look back at some of the best quotes from this episode of Supernatural.

"I was a so-so angel, but it turns out I am an excellent businesswoman."
-Sister Jo to Lucifer

"Do we really have to do all this again? Last time we were together, I saved your lives and you shot me. Doesn't that make us even?"
-Ketch to Sam and Dean

"I say we take dickbag here back to the Bunker, find out what he knows and put a bullet in him, burn his bones and flush his ashes."
-Dean to Sam and Cas about Ketch

"Your hair, Sam, it's magnificent. Is that a leave-in conditioner you have there?"
-Lucifer to Sam

Best 'Supernatural' Quotes from 'Devil's Bargain'Cas (about Sister Jo): "In Heaven she was nothing. She was a low-level functionary."
Dean: "Yeah, well now she's Satan's gal pal. That's awesome."

"I know you think I'm a monster. But even I must draw the line somewhere. And letting Lucifer free upon the Earth? Well as it turns out, that's my line."
-Ketch to Sam, Dean and Cas

"I know you want to kill me, I know you can't forgive me. But if you think about it, I'm the lesser of at least three evils."
-Ketch to Sam, Dean and Cas

What was your favorite line from this episode?

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