Did Alex and Kara Make the Right Decision About the Worldkillers on 'Supergirl'?

Did Alex and Kara Make the Right Decision About the Worldkillers on 'Supergirl'?

Before the introduction of Purity (AKA Julia Freeman), the question of the Worldkillers haunted fans, especially those who eventually want to see Sam redeemed and freed of Reign's negative influence. Season 3 episode 13 didn't specifically address how attached Reign is to Sam, but instead focused on Julia and Purity as they battled to get Julia back in control of her own consciousness, which drew a line in between Kara and Alex as they figured out what was going on. In the end, did they make the right decision for how they'll deal with these people?

Alex's Quick Decision

Ultimately, Alex came to the same conclusion as her sister, which is that they should attempt to save the Worldkillers rather than stop them. However, her first instinct was to eliminate them and crucify the other person inside of the body because she didn't quite know how it worked, but that's also how Alex has always done things. So, as fans have been speculating all season as we've seen the growth of Reign, Kara and Alex had to actually decide whether they should save Julia or not.

However, other than the brief two minutes of seeing Julia in her home where she was scared, Alex and Kara didn't know that Purity is another identity inside of this body (as we've known because of Sam.) So their immediate decisions were less informed and instinct-driven. But, after seeing Julia fight her way to the surface, they realize now how the Worldkillers are inhabiting bodies, but there's still someone else in there. Did the girls make the right decision in the end to try to save these people rather than destroy them?

The End of Terror

After Kara's vision of the world in flames with those three responsible, I'd say no. As much as Sam has added to the series, these women who are trapped inside their bodies while these villainous monsters roam about and destroy everything would more than likely be okay with sacrificing themselves in order to stop it. We haven't yet seen what Sam will do once she realizes she's Reign, but we saw how Julia fought back Purity and regained control, albeit temporarily, to stop Reign from killing Alex and everyone else in the subway station, and she was willing to sacrifice herself to save all of those people. There's no doubt Sam would do the same thing, if only just to save Ruby's life.

Alex and Kara are set on saving their lives instead of stopping them, but they've all but ruled out doing what is necessary to save the day because there are people inside. While Alex's initial decision to crucify Julia was off-base because she didn't understand what was going on, it wasn't a bad conclusion to draw. The people inside of the Worldkillers' bodies wouldn't want the things they're doing to continue, so while trying to save them is fine, risking lives to buy more time to figure out how to do so isn't okay and shouldn't be the first thing they do. Kara and Alex have to be able to do what is necessary to save lives.

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