Has 'Riverdale' Seen the Last of Betty's Brother?

Has 'Riverdale' Seen the Last of Betty's Brother?

Every Riverdale secret that could've come tumbling out did in "Chapter 32: Prisoners." Almost all the many stories of season 2 converged for one action-packed and revelatory story. Archie was kidnapped, Sheriff Keller was suspended and Veronica obtained blackmail money to the tune of $1 million.

Yet the biggest surprise, and focal point of "Prisoners," was the many reveals concerning Betty and her family. As many fans suspected, Chic isn't Betty's brother. Instead Chic was an imposter and apparently the murderer of Betty's real flesh and blood, Charles. "Prisoners" ended with the implication that both Chic and Charles are dead. If both are true, that's a highly disappointing turn of events. 


No Body, No Murder

Admittedly, it does seem improbable that Charles is alive. If Charles was alive and well, it would've been much harder for Chic to impersonate him. Betty did go to Chic and physically bring him back to the Cooper household. Yet no one as wily as Chic would even attempt to be Charles if he thought there was a chance that the real Charles could come back. 

Chic's explanation that he killed Charles in a fit of rage does make a lot of sense. Yet there are two rather big hang-ups: Chic is a lying liar who lies, and no one ever found Charles' body. 

Chic and Charles' neighbor did tell Betty and Jughead that she heard an argument between them and saw Chic walk out with a bunch of bloody sheets. Something obviously happened to Charles but it doesn't necessarily need to be murder. Chic could've attacked him (in the same way he attacked Alice during "Prisoners.") A small wound can cause a lot of blood. Fearing for his own life and thinking there was no life with his biological family, Charles could've run from Riverdale. In a nighttime soap like Riverdale, the lack of a body always means something.

Charles being alive and out there somewhere is the right type of move for Riverdale to make. The Chic impostor twist was pulled off rather nicely. Yet it is still anticlimactic. After all this build-up and angst between Betty and her mother with their supposed creepy family member, it all turned out to be a lie. All the melodrama that went on in the Cooper household for most of season 2 has been meaningless or, at the very best, a trick. Not to mention that it's almost too cruel for Riverdale to reunite Alice with her son only to learn he's dead. Riverdale is dark but it's not that dark. 

Hopefully Riverdale will reveal that Charles is still out there somewhere and all the Cooper drama of season 2 will come to satisfying wrap-up, if not an entirely happily ever after. 

The Black Hood's Third Victim 

Chic, however, is probably dead. Betty calling the Black Hood to murder Chic is something that Riverdale has been building up to for a long time. The seeds haven't just been laid in season 2 but all the way back in season 1, where "Dark Betty" first emerged. Betty being an accomplice to murder is a long time coming. 

Just like Charles, we haven't seen Chic's body. Chic ran away from the Black Hood before he could be murdered on-screen. Chic is a young guy in reasonably good shape while the Black Hood is (presumably) a middle-aged man with a noticeable limp. Chic should be able to win that footrace for his life. 

Yet the trailer for the next episode, "Chapter 33: Shadow of a Doubt," makes it pretty clear Chic didn't win. Betty isn't just calling herself an accomplice to murder in the episode. She goes with Cheryl Blossom to the morgue to identify a body and it really does appear to be Chic's corpse. "Prisoners" might not have shown Chic's body but "Shadow of a Doubt" seemingly will do it.   

The death of Chic will drive Betty to her darkest and most dramatic moment. Yet it might also be the start of her character turning around into the light. The death of Chic could impact Betty so much that she'll start searching to find out if Chic was telling the truth and her brother was still alive -- to ignore her own guilt but also to maybe find a way of proving that Chic wasn't all that bad of a person. At least that's the hope for Betty's arc to in the rest of season 2 and beyond. 

Yet what do you think? Is Charles really dead? How about Chic? What do you make of Betty becoming an accomplice to murder? Did you see it coming or did it take you completely by surprise? 

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