Is Henry's Story Falling Flat on 'Once Upon a Time'?

Is Henry's Story Falling Flat on 'Once Upon a Time'?

"Breadcrumbs" continued the serial killer storyline in Once Upon a Time and revealed Nick as Hansel. Henry also found himself in danger in both storylines of the episode. The episode was divided between Henry in the enchanted realm searching for a ring for Cinderella, and Henry in Hyperion Heights trying to decide whether or not to take a job in New York. Both storylines were a little bland.

Henry in the enchanted realm was a little ridiculous. He complained to Hook that he did not have his own story and did't want to just be a character in someone else's story. It seemed a little whiny and not very Henry-like. His adventure with Hook to find Davey Jones's locker did not add to the storyline at all and was a little boring. 

The Hyperion Heights story did get a little better as the episode went on. Tilly running into Margot again lightened the episode and created some interest. However, Henry deciding to go to a job interview in New York and his struggle with Jacinda was a little old. Throughout the entire season, Jacinda and Henry have been going back and forth trying to decide whether or not they should be together. It created some interest at first, but now, 16 episodes in, it is getting a little old. The first season of Once Upon a Time got away with dragging a curse out the entire season by weaving several storylines together. Season 7 is not succeeding on this front.

The Jacinda and Henry conflict is getting stale, due to the fact that the curse is hindering any real development between them. The serial killer storyline has not been able to fully balance the boring Jacinda-Henry aspect. 

While this episode was a little dull, perhaps the next episode will pick up a little. "Breadcrumbs" ended with Henry being kidnapped by Nick a.k.a Jack a.k.a Hansel. Will Henry be able to remind him of their friendship and convince him to stop killing? Or will Zelena (Kelly) be the next one to die?

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