'The Flash': Which Character Screwed up the Most in 'True Colors'?

'The Flash': Which Character Screwed up the Most in 'True Colors'?

The Flash provides ample opportunities for its characters to screw up in "True Colors." Amazingly, however, Barry Allen is not really among those making serious mistakes in this episode. It is true that the Flash does stumble a bit, but he is otherwise weirdly competent throughout the heroism. Other characters -- like Ralph and DeVoe -- are far bigger screw-ups for once.


Ralph discovers more of his meta-human abilities in "True Colors," always a rough process for "the Man Who Elongates." His first instance of shape-shifting, for example, happens completely by accident. Later, Ralph has serious problems in replicating his talent; failed efforts are compounded by melting ears.

But Ralph gets past these initial hurdles and impersonates Warden Wolfe sufficiently to gain access to Amunet and her crew. That is, the impersonation works until Ralph gets stressed and abruptly goes back to normal. Fortunately, he's very good at running away.


Smart as DeVoe is, he seems to be getting a little stupid when it comes to the Thinker's wife. Mrs. DeVoe has remained devoted to her evil husband, but there are cracks forming in the alliance. Talking about all the atoms of the universe and how his wife is no longer at the forefront of his consciousness? These are not words to keep the love alive, no matter how many magical roofies the guy slips into her champagne.


Unusually, Barry does not screw up much in "True Colors." He gets the prisoners free from the meta cells in Iron Heights. Then, Barry convinces Becky Sharpe to turn good (an important act, as it turns out.) The hero fails yet again to anticipate that DeVoe has an evil plan, but Barry is otherwise something of a success in this episode.

Literally Everyone Who Forgot Becky's Meta Power

The girl can affect luck. That pretty much trumps all other meta-human powers in a fight. Never underestimate the mousy lady!

The Designers of Iron Heights

Generally, it should not be possible for even a science genius to break out of the highest-security wing of a prison. Barry manages the feat in a couple of hours, leading his fellow metas to near-freedom thanks to a plumber and a few tricks.

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