Why It's Time for Thea to Leave 'Arrow'

Why It's Time for Thea to Leave 'Arrow'

While Arrow has picked up and moved on from several characters over the course of the series, there's one character in particular who hasn't fit into the mix in quite a while, especially given their superhero status being revoked. Even now, Thea's role as Oliver's family has been taken by Felicity and William, so what is she still doing on the show? It's time for Thea to leave Star City.


All of Thea's story over the first few seasons built up to her role as Speedy, another vigilante in Star City joining her brother's team and helping them fight those who wished to destroy the city. Her story before being Speedy wasn't great either. Thea was always just Oliver's sister or Malcolm's daughter; however, being Speedy granted Thea (and Willa Holland) the opportunity to be a part of the bigger stories, fight alongside Oliver and have an insider role on the show.

But Thea's superhero journey ended after an abysmal season, and hasn't been revisited since. She's dropped life as a vigilante and has inserted herself into Oliver's day job as the mayor, but she's not really doing anything there either. Currently, Thea's helping Quentin believe in Black Siren and her potential redemption, but once Laurel's redeemed, Thea will just be a wallflower in the mayor's office because the writers refuse to give her a story of her own or bring her back into the vigilantism.

Her Relationships

Thea doesn't have anything to do on her own, and her one use in the writing was being Oliver's only family left. Even if Oliver didn't need Thea, Malcolm was usually around for Thea to further delve into their love/hate relationship, but Malcolm is dead, too. Oliver doesn't need Thea because now his focus is on his son, William, and his marriage with Felicity. Thea doesn't fit into this world anymore because she's no longer a hero, Oliver doesn't need her to talk sense into him and everyone she loves (aside from Oliver) is dead or departed.

Thea's strongest relationship was always with Roy (Colton Haynes) and with his return this season in episode 15, it's the perfect opportunity for Thea to decide to move on from Star City and start a life of her own. The writing for her isn't getting better, and Willa Holland's contract was lessened for season 5 and 6 to only being present for 14 of 23 episodes per season, so the actress is ready to move on, too. Thea isn't needed on the show in the same way she was before, especially with the newbies all having roles in Oliver's life, so it's time for Thea to leave. Give her a happily ever after with Roy Harper and have them leave Star City to escape the mess that is Oliver Queen's life.

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