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Episode Summary: The first responders race to help a homeless man crushed in a garbage truck, a mother and son in a crashed elevator and extreme hoarders entombed in their house. Meanwhile, Athena jumps into to the dating pool, as Buck and Abby's relationship is tested by her ailing mother.
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Will Abby and Buck Finally Go on a Real Date?

It's a lot of close calls and tight spaces on 9-1-1. The calls in "Trapped" involve a lot of, well, people being trapped. The team handles an elevator crash and a booby-trapped hoarder house on their runs. Meanwhile, Abby and Buck's relationship faces some obstacles, Hen tries to get her life back in order and Athena enjoys being newly single.Almost CrushedThe first call in "Trapped," involves a homeless man who sleeps in a dumpster to get out of the rain. Unfortunately,... more


Buck and Abby may have already faced a near-death experience, but this was the first time their new relationship was truly tested.  After Abby's mom interrupted an insanely romantic hot air balloon date (seriously, who does that?) on 9-1-1 Season 1 Episode 9, both Buck and Abby considered taking a step back.  So, are these two in it for the long haul?  Buck's conversation with Bobby reiterated how young and inexperienced he is when it comes to relationships. He's not... more



Why a '9-1-1' Love Triangle Would Be a Bad Idea

9-1-1 is hinting at a love triangle between Abby, Buck and Bobby. In "Heartbreak" fans saw Buck introduce Abby to his colleagues at the fire station, cementing the idea of the two as a couple. It was sweet, but it was difficult to ignore the looks that Bobby was giving Abby during the meeting and then afterwards. The conflict of a love triangle might sound intriguing, but it's not something 9-1-1 should explore. Hints of ... more

9-1-1 Season 1 Episode 6 Photos Heartbreaker

On Valentine’s Day, a surprise marriage proposal goes awry with dangerous consequences. Athena attempts to help a desperate woman and unintentionally joins the Lonely Hearts Club. Bobby and Chimney pull holiday duty and learn about the “Casanova Fracture” and Abby and Buck go on their first official date in the all-new “Heartbreaker” episode of 9-1-1 airing Wednesday, Feb. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (NIN-106) (TV-14 D, L, S, V) 9-1-1 Season 1 Episode 6 Photos Heartbreaker more

Was Athena's Punishment Fair on '9-1-1'?

Athena decided to take matters into her own hands during 9-1-1, "Worst Day Ever." After learning the truth about her daughter's suicide attempt, Athena decided to stalk the house of the bully and arrest Laila. While Laila may have been breaking the law, Athena's actions were an abuse of her position. The two instances together may justify Captain Maynard's punishment, but was the punishment the right level? Why Restricted Duty Was Suitable On most TV s... more


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