Black Lightning

Aired: Mar 13, 2018 , Tuesday at 21:00 on The CW

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Episode Summary: Black Lightning works with Anissa to help find information to clear Black Lightning's name. Jennifer begins interning for Lynn. Meanwhile, Gambi finds himself in a precarious situation.
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Gambi's Secrets Finally Come Out

We've been waiting months to find out Gambi's secrets. And the truth finally comes out during this episode of Black Lightning, titled "The Book of Revelations." He worked for the ASA to find people with powers but claims he's always tried to protect Jefferson. Now the question is, can Jefferson still trust him?This episode begins with Jefferson training Anissa while people on the news complain about Black Lightning and condemn him for killing Lady Eve, which we know he didn't do. Jefferson has to teach An... more

The Book of Revelations

Was that the insight we needed to take this show more seriously? Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 8 finally revealed the truth about Gambi, and it was about time. If you watch Black Lightning online, you will already know that his true allegiance has been in question. That is all thanks to him telling Jefferson things on a need to know basis. Whether he's been having secret meetings with Lady Eve or heading out on missions without Jefferson knowing, it's been painful t... more



'Black Lightning' Episode 9 Photos: The Pierce Family Comes Together

All of the secrets on Black Lightning are coming out as the show nears the end of its first season. In the last episode, Jefferson learned the shocking truth about Gambi and cut off ties with him while Jennifer discovered that she too has powers, ultimately revealing that fact to her sister. In episode 9, "The Book of Little Black Lies," Jefferson continues to try to clear his name and hunt down Tobias and his associates while also dealing with the icy aftermath of his fight wit... more

Is the Partnership Between Jefferson and Gambi over on 'Black Lightning'?

The Black Lightning episode "The Book of Revelations" truly lived up to its name. Jennifer finally manifested her powers (and immediately told someone.) Even more layers were added to the Lala mystery and his resurrection. Most importantly though, thanks in large part to Lynn, all of Gambi's secrets came tumbling out. These secrets convinced Jefferson that one of his closest allies could no longer be trusted. Jefferson and Gambi's partnership has been called off but it's unclear ... more

How Lady Eve's Murder on 'Black Lightning' Puts the Pierce Family in Danger

In "Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder," Black Lightning revealed that Lady Eve and Gambi had some sort of secret deal. "Equinox: The Book of Fate" has brought a premature end to that deal. Lady Eve was killed by Tobias Whale and his sister, Tori, but the attack was made to look like Black Lightning did it. What does this mean for the Pierce family moving forward? Gambi's Deal Dies with Lady Eve While not explicitly stated, it appears that Gambi's... more


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