Channel Zero

Aired: Feb 14, 2018 , Friday at 23:00 on Syfy

New Series

Episode Summary: Alice treads the line between reality and madness as she becomes more deeply entangled with the Peach family and their dark history; Zoe begins to behave strangely following her unexplained return to Garrett.
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CHANNEL ZERO Season 3 Episode 1 Photos Insidious Onset

Alice and her sister Zoe move to a new city and discover a mystery involving mysterious staircases. CHANNEL ZERO Season 3 Episode 1 Photos Insidious Onset Critically acclaimed horror anthology series, Channel Zero returns for its third installment, “Butcher’s Block,” based on Kerry Hammond’s creepypasta “Search and Rescue Woods.” When two sisters move to a new city they learn of a series of mysterious disappearances and discover that somethin... more

'Channel Zero: No-End House' Showrunner Nick Antosca on Bringing Terrifying Creepypastas to Life

If you could go in a haunted house where every room was scarier than the next, would you? And what if you escaped that house only to find out that maybe you never escaped at all? That's the frightening concept behind SyFy's newest installment of horror anthology Channel Zero. In No-End House best friends Margot ( The Path's Amy Forsyth) and Jules ( more


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