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After discovering that the spy agency he works for is hiding a gateway to a parallel dimension, a low-level UN bureaucrat in Berlin is thrust into a shadow world of intrigue and danger and must determine if he can trust his near-identical counterpart in the other world.
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Counterpart: SEASON 1, EPISODE 8: Love the Lie | TVBuzer

Aired: March 11,2018

The aftermath of the Indigo school discovery takes an emotional toll; Quayle grapples with his wife's new identity.... more

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Love the Lie

No, no, no!! Only the women were making rational decisions on Counterpart Season 1 Episode 8, and with just two episodes to go to wrap Counterpart Season 1 and a guaranteed Season 2 on the way, I feel assured a heap of trouble is landing on everyone before the closing credits finish this one. It was very frustrating watching otherwise intelligent people let their emotions get the best of them. Once the scenes of the school and OEmily and her team stumbling up... more

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

What was your initial reaction when the credits rolled?  Mine was, "F#@k me!" That's because Counterpart Season 1 Episode 7 was a perfect hour. From start to finish it played out beautifully and gave Clare the history we desperately craved with a stunning finish to keep us guessing. What more could we possibly want? Nazanin Boniadi was fantastic as Fera on Homeland, but her material as Clare is much juicer. It's a joy watching her control an entire storylin... more

Act Like You've Been Here Before

One of the benefits of a second watch through so early in the game is seeing the clues laid out along the way for the fun reveals. On Counterpart Season 1 Episode 6 the two stories were finally tied together, even if there is still a long way to go until we discover the details of the other side's plan to take over the worlds. I didn't see any chatter that correctly outed the mole before the reveal. That's some pretty good writing, folks. The hour as a whole ... more



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