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Meet Meredith Grey, a brilliant first-year surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital. Together with her fellow residents-in-training, Meredith navigates her way through the daily traumas and social land mines of the life inside the hospital and out in the real world. Grey's Anatomy is a smart and witty look at young people struggling to be doctors and doctors struggling to be h more
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Grey's Anatomy: SEASON 14, EPISODE 20: Judgment Day | TVBuzer

Aired: April 19,2018

During presentations on Grey Sloan Surgical Innovation Prototypes Day, Arizona shares some cookies from an appreciative patient that, unbeknownst to her, contain a special ingredient. Meanwhile, Catherine reveals some shocking details to Jackson about his grandfather's past; and Jo steps in mid-operation on a major surgery after Bailey and Meredith... more

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Beautiful Dreamer

ICE came to GSM and put the fear of God in most of the doctors there.  It there was one bright spot of Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 19, it was how it reinforced the fact that for all the good, bad, and ugly, these doctors aren't just colleagues; they're a family.  They look out for one another which is what happened throughout the hour as they rallied around and went to bat for their own. We saw that with Sam, Alex, and with Arizona and April.  It was a... more

A Dream Becomes a Nightmare

On this episode of Grey's Anatomy, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement seeks out one of the surgical interns, Catherine gives Richard mysterious and life-altering news, and...who am I kidding? "Beautiful Dreamer" manages to juggle nearly a dozen plot strands, teeing up the end of this season while simultaneously sowing seeds for the next season to come.Which One?Meredith Grey starts her day attempting to protect Richard (who is sitting vigil by the dying Ollie's b... more

A Devastating Diagnosis for Arizona?

On this episode of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith and Jo try to salvage their research project, Alex and Amelia work with Tom Koracick as he performs his ultrasound procedure on a pediatric patient, Richard's AA sponsor is admitted to Grey Sloan, April attempts to make amends to everyone she has wronged, and Owen and Arizona team up to investigate a suspicious oncologist.According to Meredith Grey, the river "goes where it goes." We can constantly fight it or go with the flow. We see bot... more



Grey's Anatomy: The Most Moving Moment on 'Grey's Anatomy' Is a Quiet Exchange Between Jo and Alex News | TVBuzer

The Most Moving Moment on 'Grey's Anatomy' Is a Quiet Exchange Between Jo and Alex

Grey's Anatomy served up a ton of heavy emotional stuff this week. Between Bello's exit, April saving the baby, Richard losing his long time sponsor and Owen deciding to adopt, it was tough stuff this week. Not for the faint of heart, for sure. However, the absolute saddest and sweetest moment was a quiet interaction between Alex and Jo. It got me, folks. Jo and Alex have traveled a long, complicated road to become the couple we see on our screens. Who would have thought ... more

Grey's Anatomy: 'Grey's Anatomy' Dropped Some Major Bombshells in 'Beautiful Dreamer' News | TVBuzer

'Grey's Anatomy' Dropped Some Major Bombshells in 'Beautiful Dreamer'

In Grey's Anatomy episode 19, titled "Beautiful Dreamer," the traumas may have been light, but there was plenty of heavy drama. DeLuca's and Bello's lives were turned upside down by a visit from an immigration agent. Owen made a potentially life-changing decision. Amelia's ultrasound project hit another roadblock. And Catherine revealed to Richard that the future of Grey Sloan Memorial is in serious jeopardy thanks to Jackson's do-gooding. All these bombshells are certain ... more

Grey's Anatomy: 'Grey's Anatomy' Uses 2 Sick Kids to Deliver Its Saddest Moments News | TVBuzer

'Grey's Anatomy' Uses 2 Sick Kids to Deliver Its Saddest Moments

Grey's Anatomy served up a lot of emotional moments in "Hold Back the River," but it really brought the heartbreak when it comes to the kids. I don't know what it is about Amelia, but her storylines always elicit the biggest reactions. Whether it's her tragic back story with addiction and losing her baby, her bout with a giant brain tumor or her relationships with the people in her life, she is always a fan favorite. Couple our investment in her character with Alex Ka... more


Grey's Anatomy FAN COMMENTS (8)

  • Level 15
    great show with a great cast. i hope this show will go on until at least for another 4 seasons


  • Level 45
    well Maggie's mouth will drop when she does find out. and the chief u cant do this.. getting rid of grey's postion just coz she stands up for what she believes in..


  • Level 45
    alex cannot o to jail


  • Level 3
    it's wonderful show i ever watched, i like it to continue until meredith become old i.e., at least another 15 seasons.


  • Level 7
    I was a fan up to this year ~ as Ms Rhimes really has LGBTQ'd the plot line #blurredlines
    A - LOT ~ remaining caucasian hetero males on set - begin to audition elsewhere..
    It's dull


  • Level 45
    are they going to renew this? its a hard one to call. i hope they do. but without derek i dunno. sheperd was good and he brought the show togehter when he was away it wasnt the same. but now she has 3 kids and a job. things may not be the same


  • Level 1
    Cant wait for the next season to be out. How long is it going to take??


  • Level 1
    grey slong memorial hospital , epic ending after along break ...


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