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Aired: Mar 09, 2018 , Friday at 20:00 on ABC

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Episode Summary: On the day of Tiana's coronation, a confrontation with Dr. Facilier compels her to take a trip through the Bayou, where a surprising encounter changes her life and the hunt for an alligator takes a dark turn. In Hyperion Heights, Sabine reconnects with an old friend whose plans could jeopardize her culinary dreams. Meanwhile, Rogers and Weaver investigate a more
...Blind Witch, leading them to a shocking discovery about The Coven.
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Tiana Meets a Heroic Prince and Rumple Makes an Unpleasant Discovery

In the twelfth episode of season 7 of Once Upon a Time, titled "A Taste of the Heights," Tiana has a confrontation with Dr. Facilier that leads to a memorable encounter with a fellow royal. Meanwhile, in present-day Hyperion Heights, Rogers and Weaver investigate a recent murder, Sabine runs into an old friend, and some new faces come to town in the wake of Victoria's death. (As before, if a character is "awake," I will refer to them by their real name or put their cursed named in quotation marks.)T... more



It's Time for Hook to Wake up on 'Once Upon a Time'

After a long wait, all the original characters are working together on Once Upon a Time and in the real world. Rumple has finally come clean to Regina and Zelena that he's awake from the Hyperion Heights curse. With Victoria Belfry gone, they're working together to take down Mother Gothel. As exciting and necessary as this triumvirate is, it's missing one crucial person: Captain Hook. The Hook of Once Upon ... more

Are So Many New Characters a Good Idea on 'Once Upon a Time'?

Tiana, Jacinda, Facilier, Naveen, Gothel and so many more. Names no one on Once Upon a Time ever mentioned in seven seasons. And now that the series finale is rapidly approaching, we seem to be seeing new faces each week. Granted, season 7 is a reboot of sorts for the series, with most of the familiar characters leaving and getting their happily ever after, but it seems like it might be harder to wrap up a series with so many new characters. Is it smart to introduce them so late in the game? All Rules Gone I ... more

Regina Deserves a Better Love Interest Than Dr. Facilier on 'Once Upon a Time'

Out of Once Upon a Time's large cast, few characters have been as unlucky in love as former Evil Queen, Regina Mills. Regina's life has been a series of romantic misadventures that usually end with the object of her affection dead, at another's hands. It was therefore a source of excitement when Once Upon a Time executive producers teased (for months) that Regina would get a new love interest in season 7 . In the episode "A Taste of t... more


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