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Episode Summary: Someone is out to get Simon and Jace is on the hunt to find out who it is, meanwhile Clary turns to Luke to find a way to help Jace. Alec worries about the future of his relationship after learning more about Magnu's romantic past.
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Can Clary Help Save Jace?

In this episode of Shadowhunters, titled "Stronger Than Heaven," Clary turns to Luke for help in trying to help Jace's blackout. Elsewhere, Jace decides to help Simon learn more about his mysterious mark, as Alec and Magnus realize the mortality of their love.Clary Summons an AngelLilith, after knocking on Magnus' door, asks Magnus for his help in creating an anti-love potion to use against Jace and Clary. However, for the elixir to work, Lilith must get her hands on a piece of Clary's... more

Stronger Than Heaven

A winner got called in the war over Jace's mind. Unfortunately, the victor isn't exactly someone we wanted -- at all. Lilith succeeded in ripping away Jace's love for Clary on Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 5. He is now a shell of his former self, and with her complete control over him, nothing will get in her way of completing her mission. This is a sad day for 'Clace' fans. Even when he's trying to be good, trouble seems to find him. Jace made all the right moves to ... more



'Shadowhunters' Interview: Isaiah Mustafa and Alisha Wainwright on Luke's Werewolf Secret, Relationship Challenges and More

Luke may have a serious problem on his hands in Shadowhunters season 3 because, as Isaiah Mustafa pointed out, you have to take it seriously if someone accuses you of being something you are and it's a big secret. Read on to find out what he and Alisha Wainwright had to say about what's coming up, Wainwright's promotion, changing things from the books and more. Luke can't risk his werewolf secret getting out, so he's taking that investigation very ... more

'Shadowhunters' Interview: Katherine McNamara and Matthew Daddario on the Dichotomies in Clary and Alec's Changing Values

Not following the books completely is good for at least one character -- Alec -- on Shadowhunters, as Matthew Daddario pointed out when he and Katherine McNamara discussed the show and what's coming up in season 3. While the actors couldn't promise seeing many new dynamics or interactions between characters who haven't met before, they did tease that everyone will be less scattered this season. Read on to find out what else to expect. Daddario likes the va... more

'Shadowhunters' Interview: EPs on Pleasing Book and Show Fans, 'Lilith in All Her Glory' and More

Shadowhunters returns to Freeform for its third season, and TVBuz found out what's coming up from executive producers Todd Slavkin, Matt Hastings and Darren Swimmer. While there is, of course, stuff coming up that book fans will enjoy, that doesn't mean that fans of the TV show won't be entertained as well. Expect new character dynamics, "Lilith in all her glory" and more. Going into season 3, they wanted to carry the energy and emotional impact of the stu... more


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