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Episode Summary: Kara investigates a secretive new group whose leader, Thomas Coville, has a mysterious connection to Supergirl. Meanwhile, Samantha feels like she's letting Ruby down, and J'onn confesses an old secret.
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Kara Embraces Her Humanity to Fight a Cult

Supergirl season 3 has yet to really form any solid season-long plots, even though the supposed villain Reign has been around since the very beginning. Supergirl's only real continuing storyline has been about Kara confronting her own humanity and trying to embrace just the super-powered alien part of her personality. In this episode, titled, "The Faithful," Supergirl takes that line of thinking to its most extreme conclusion and has Kara worshiped like a god for her powers. Kara meets a cult d... more

The Faithful

Sam's origin story is slowly but surely coming to fruition.  We still don't have many details, but that bomb that Alex pushed into the ocean on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 4 definitely has something to do with it.  While this may not have been a Halloween episode, that cloaked lady at the end sure was creepy.  So far, Sam seems like a nice, normal person. She works hard and loves her kid. She even finds time for wine nights with the girls. So what is going to push h... more



3 Crazy Theories About the Third Worldkiller on 'Supergirl'

Supergirl doesn't really need another villain for season 3. Reign has proved to be more than enough obstacle for Kara and the gang. That hasn't stopped the show from moving forward with the idea that Reign isn't the only Worldkiller.  The last Supergirl episode before the show's break, "Both Sides Now," revealed the second Worldkiller, Purity, but there's still one more to go. Considering how more

Did Alex and Kara Make the Right Decision About the Worldkillers on 'Supergirl'?

Before the introduction of Purity (AKA Julia Freeman), the question of the Worldkillers haunted fans, especially those who eventually want to see Sam redeemed and freed of Reign's negative influence. Season 3 episode 13 didn't specifically address how attached Reign is to Sam, but instead focused on Julia and Purity as they battled to get Julia back in control of her own consciousness, which drew a line in between Kara and Alex as they figured out what was going on. In the end, did they make the right decision for how they'll deal with these people?... more

Should Lena Become the Next 'Supergirl' Villain?

The story of Lena Luthor has been a complicated one on Supergirl. The sister of Superman's greatest enemy, Lex, Lena has become Kara's greatest friend. (Although Lena is completely unaware that Kara and Superman's cousin, Supergirl, are one in the same.) Since her introduction,  Supergirl has played with Lena's dark side and teased that she might be become as villainous as her brother and mother, Lillian. more


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