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Episode Summary: When Winn and the team discover an alien ship has crash landed deep underwater beneath National City, Kara/Supergirl is called in to investigate. Meanwhile, Hank attempts to bond with his father, Myr'nn. Samantha, eager for some understanding of the changes she has been experiencing, looks to her estranged mother, Patricia Arias, for answers.
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Wake Up

Move over Morgan Edge; there's a new baddie in town. Really, how is a mere megalomaniacal man supposed to compete with a creature known as a "Worldkiller?" With Sam becoming Reign on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 7, all other threats pale in comparison. Sam cum Reign looks like she's going to be a badass villain, but her creation story left a little to be desired. I mean, she was wandering through the desert using that crystal as if it was some kind of demented divining rod. ... more

Is Kara and Mon-El's Reunion a Happily Ever After?

Supergirl's big season 2 cliffhanger of Mon-El leaving Kara (and Earth) was a well-acted but rather hollow moment, as it was obvious the character was not gone for good. Supergirl season 3, however, has kept the twist up for a surprisingly long time by allowing Mon-El to appear only through dream sequences or quasi-flashbacks. Yet with this episode, titled "Wake Up," Mon-El finally returns and it goes exactly as expected; it's an unbelievably huge bummer.Reunited and It Feels ... So Incredibl... more



SUPERGIRL Season 3 Episode 22 Photos Make It Reign

“Make it Reign” SUPERGIRL PREPARES FOR BATTLE – Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) learns the true depth of Serena’s (guest star Anjali Jay) nefarious plans for Earth. Supergirl, Mon-El (Chris Wood) and Alura (guest star Erica Durance) must devise a plan to stop her before Serena gets to Earth. J’onn (David Harewood) prepares to say goodbye to his father (guest star Carl Lumby). Armen V. Kevorkian directed the episode written by Ray Utarnachitt & Cindy Lichtman (#32... more

Did Imra Make the Right Decision with Pestilence on 'Supergirl'?

With the third Worldkiller finally active, and the Legion's mission to come back to Supergirl's time and stop her before she turns into Blight revealed, Supergirl showed a clash in ideology between Imra (Saturn Girl) and Kara. As they attempted to unveil the identity of Pestilence in Supergirl season 3 episode 16, Imra's vision of killing the Worldkiller before she left a permanent mark on the world put her at odds with Kara, who just wants to help save those that are stuck within, i.e. Julia. Two Women with Op... more

Could Pestilence Be the Real Villain of 'Supergirl' Season 3?

Supergirl has never been that adept in creating villains. However, season 3's central baddie, Reign, has charged into the show like a charismatic wrecking ball. She's everything a Supergirl antagonist needs. Reign is fierce, terrifying and (due to her "secret identity" of Sam) highly sympathetic.  Sam and Reign, but especially the former, have been such great additions to more




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