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The series is centered around three friends – Jane, Kat, and Sutton – who all work for Scarlet, a global women's magazine. The show explores their outrageous lives in New York City as they learn to find their own voices and explore their sexuality, identity, love, and fashion.
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The Bold Type: SEASON 2, EPISODE 10: We'll Always Have Paris | TVBuzer

Aired: August 07,2018

Sutton's professional dreams come true when she jets off to Paris for Fashion Week, but while there she gains a new perspective on her situation. Jane moves forward with her fertility plan until she learns surprising news about her options and is faced with Ben and Pinstripe's different solutions. Kat faces pressure from Jacqueline to make their Pa... more

The Bold Type LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer



Did someone ask for a The Bold Type movie? Well, the show delivered just that with an episode that felt like its own separate story. Somehow time stood still, with so much happening and yet nothing coming off as too rushed. The use of a road trip allowed for movement within a limited amount of time, with each of the three leads learning something that they then took back with them to New York before the night was finished. It was a shakeup that worked perfectly, and it had a n... more

Plan B

Lasting impressions are a recurring connection to all the journeys that were explored in this heavy-handed episode. Jane's arc was definitely the one that leaves its mark on her going forward, while Kat and Sutton learned lessons from their issues, but it was a bit more job focused. Still, the big picture was very much at play with everyone involved, and all three of them are looking forward to trying to figure out where to go from here. During The Bold Type Season... more


Tough conversations are still ones that need to happen, especially when it comes from a place of love. This episode was a tough one to watch, not only for the characters but because of the feelings that it managed to elicit. The topic of gun ownership proved to be a difficult sell for a one episode arc, especially when it can't just be wrapped up this easily. There was also Kat exploring her sexuality, something that was explored in a way that not only put a slight strain in Ka... more



The Bold Type: 'The Bold Type' Renewed for Season 2 and 3 News | TVBuzer

'The Bold Type' Renewed for Season 2 and 3

Get ready for more Scarlet drama! Freeform has picked up The Bold Type for two more seasons, consisting of 10 episodes each. However, the renewal comes with a major change as series creator Sarah Watson is not expected to return. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Amanda Lasher will be taking over as showrunner on the summer breakout hit. Lasher has previously worked on Riverdale, Toge... more

The Bold Type: 'The Bold Type' EP on Season Finale Cliffhangers and a Possible Season 2 News | TVBuzer

'The Bold Type' EP on Season Finale Cliffhangers and a Possible Season 2

The future of The Bold Type is uncertain. The show has yet to receive a season 2 renewal and it doesn't help fan anxieties that season 1 ended on a series of cliffhangers. In an interview with TVLine, executive producer Sarah Watson tried to assuage some fan fears. While Watson didn't confirm whether there would be a season 2, she definitely has plans for the future of  The Bold Type. The biggest lin... more

The Bold Type: 'The Bold Type' Interview: Aisha Dee Discusses Kadena's Airport and Chill, and What's Next for Kat News | TVBuzer

'The Bold Type' Interview: Aisha Dee Discusses Kadena's Airport and Chill, and What's Next for Kat

It's been a bumpy road so far for Kat on The Bold Type. Her career is going better than ever but her love life just seems to get more and more complicated. The successful social media maven has seen her department grow at Scarlet, yet had to watch her on-again-off-again flame Adena board a plane and fly away from her arms. What does actress Aisha Dee think about the popularity of "Kadena," can you really airport and chill, an... more


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