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Aired: Feb 06, 2018 , Tuesday at 20:00 on CW

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Episode Summary: After hearing that Amunet has struck a deal to buy all of the metahumans in Iron Heights, Barry must decide if he should expose his powers in order to save his cellmates. After a visit from an old friend, Ralph is reminded of his shady past and wonders if he's really a changed man.
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Can Ralph's New Ability Help Save Barry?

Is Barry's time in Iron Heights coming to an end (but perhaps not in the way he'd like) in this episode of The Flash? Warden Wolfe is planning to sell him and the four bus metas in his custody to Amunet, but is there anything the team can do to stop that deal? Also in "True Colors," Ralph discovers a new ability, but the timing of it could be better. After all, who wants to have to focus on keeping it together when he's just been reminded of the person he used to be, someone who let his friends down? A... more

True Colors

The Flash decided to get inspired by Prison Break in the latest chapter when Barry Allen must team up with the bus metahumans. But The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 also deals with Ralph Dibny discovering a new conveniently, amazing ability. Did anyone else need a serious breather after watching The Flash Season 4 because it went into hyper-drive! Given how wack this storyline started out it could only end in a wacky way. I mean that in both good and bad ways. ... more



Is DeVoe's Wife the Key to Taking Down The Thinker on 'The Flash'?

In season 3 of The Flash, the heroes fought the self-titled God of Speed, Savitar. Yet if any villain is worth of the deity distinction, it's season 4's big bad, The Thinker. Clifford DeVoe has been unstoppable on The Flash. He's switched several bodies, put Barry into prison, stolen the powers of several metas and the season has just barely reached the midpoint. Yet in the episode "True Colors" the first major crack in T... more

Will Ralph Dibny Become Another 'Flash' Casualty?

Farewell, Ralph Dibny. We might as well start saying our goodbyes now. The Flash has a way of making you love a character -- or at the very least appreciate them -- only to yank them away once the credits roll on a season finale. Now that the Thinker has set his (her?) eyes on the bus metas, Ralphie's (Hartley Sawyer) time in Central City might be coming to a close. Don't believe us? What about Ronnie Raymond? Captain Cold? Hartley Rathaway? Jessie Quick? Julian Albert? Kid... more

'The Flash': Which Character Screwed up the Most in 'True Colors'?

The Flash provides ample opportunities for its characters to screw up in "True Colors." Amazingly, however, Barry Allen is not really among those making serious mistakes in this episode. It is true that the Flash does stumble a bit, but he is otherwise weirdly competent throughout the heroism. Other characters -- like Ralph and DeVoe -- are far bigger screw-ups for once. Ralph Ralph discovers more of his meta-human abilities in "True Colors," always a rou... more


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