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An idealistic young doctor begins his first day under the supervision of a tough, brilliant senior resident who pulls the curtain back on all of the good and evil in modern day medicine. Lives may be saved or lost, but expectations will always be shattered.
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The Resident: SEASON 1, EPISODE 7: The Elopement | TVBuzer

Aired: March 12,2018

Conrad goes head-to-head with Lane when he disagrees with her over a treatment plan for a terminal cancer patient. Tensions rise when Jude inserts himself in the middle by offering to perform the invasive procedure Conrad is fighting against. When a VIP patient crosses the line with Nic, she must devise a strategy on how to stand her ground and com... more

The Resident LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


The Elopement

I'm really starting to hate hospitals.  There are plenty of decent people on The Resident Season 1 Episode 7, but with awful patients like Bobby Singer and hospital administrators like Claire and the board, along with Bell and Lane, who would ever want to step foot in a hospital? Chastain Park is right on the list with Grey Sloan Memorial as far as hospitals I would never want to visit a day in my life. Not unless I'm ogling the eye candy, of course.  Can w... more

No Matter the Cost

This new series is truly coming into itself with each installment.  The Resident Season 1 Episode 6 was another solid hour of a series that continues to entertain. What made this one particularly great was the way it centered around a couple of the characters. We spent nearly as much time outside of the hospital as we did inside of it.  The hour was enlightening for viewers who have become attached to the show's regulars. The hour was especially informative when it came to ... more

None the Wiser

Wow. The break felt like an eternity, but it was well worth the wait.  The Resident Season 1 Episode 5, was one of if not the best installment of the series since the premiere. It was a well-balanced hour for both doctors and individual patients, it made progress in character development and plot development, and it left us with a shocking ending. You can't ask for anything more. The opening with Mina facing the mortality and morbidity conference was the best.... more



The Resident: THE RESIDENT Season 1 Episode 4 Photos Identity Crisis News | TVBuzer

THE RESIDENT Season 1 Episode 4 Photos Identity Crisis

After a mix-up in the ER causes Conrad to deliver a death notification to the wrong family, he sets out to fix it. Meanwhile, Nic struggles to find a patient’s records who has been under Lane’s care, Devon forms a bond with an elderly patient and Mina is benched after overreaching in the surgical unit in the all-new “Identity Crisis” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Feb. 5 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (RES-104) (TV-14 L, S, V) THE RESIDENT Season 1 Episode 4 Photos Identity Crisis more

The Resident: THE RESIDENT Season 1 Episode 2 Photos Independence Day News | TVBuzer

THE RESIDENT Season 1 Episode 2 Photos Independence Day

Conrad receives the call he’s been waiting for when a heart becomes available for a patient who has been on the transplant list for two years. But when a congressman is admitted to the hospital after a heart attack, he is prioritized and derails Conrad’s patient’s surgery. Meanwhile, Nic grows suspicious of one of the doctors after a file goes missing, Dr. Bell tries to manipulate Mina and Devon is put to the test when a patient’s condition requires a split-second decision in the all-new “Independence Day” time period premier... more

The Resident: THE RESIDENT Season 1 Episode 1 Photos Pilot News | TVBuzer

THE RESIDENT Season 1 Episode 1 Photos Pilot

On his first day as an intern, an idealistic DR. DEVON PRAVESH (Manish Dayal) faces the harsh realities of medical care, as third year resident DR. CONRAD HAWKINS (Matt Czuchry) takes him under his wing and teaches his unconventional ways for treating patients. Meanwhile, Conrad goes head-to-head with Chief of Surgery DR. SOLOMON BELL (Bruce Greenwood), who uses power and intimidation to cover up his mistakes in the all-new “Pilot” special series premiere episode of THE RESIDENT airing Sunday, Jan. 21 (10:00-11:20 PM ET/7:00-8:20 PM PT) on FOX. (RES... more


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