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Aired: Nov 26, 2017 , Sunday at 21:00 on amc

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Episode Summary: With things looking up for Rick and the group, an argument breaks out at the Hilltop, where the consequences of the decision are life versus death.
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Does Maggie Decide to Save or Kill the Saviors?

This episode of The Walking Dead, titled "The King, the Widow and Rick," shows the communities fracturing even more. Rick wants to continue on with their plan as discussed despite their losses, though he winds up going on a solo mission to the dump. But Daryl, Tara, Michonne and Rosita have their own plan. The Hilltoppers, meanwhile, are still fighting over what to do with their hostage Saviors. And Carol and Ezekiel are at odds after their disastrous, deadly mission at the Saviors' outpost."The King, the... more

The King, the Widow and Rick

What in the world was Rick thinking? The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 sent us in numerous directions during the hour as we checked in with Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom. While it was great to see Michonne, Rosita and some of the other characters that haven't been in the spotlight much in The Walking Dead Season 8, this episode displayed one of the show's glaring weaknesses.  It's no secret that The Walking Dead has an overabundance of characters, but what this... more



Did 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Finale Tease the Season 9 Villains?

The season 8 finale of The Walking Dead marked the end of the bloodshed between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan.) As Carl's vision seemingly comes to fruition, it looks like better days are ahead for Rick and his crew. However, there also seems to be another big threat around the corner. In "Wrath," there appears to be a big tease about The Walking Dead's next big villain as Rick and... more

Will Maggie Cause More Trouble on 'The Walking Dead'?

In the season 8 finale of The Walking Dead, Rick decides not to kill Negan. Maggie believes he should have, and Negan has to die. She, Jesus and Daryl want to bide their time until they will "show" Rick why he was wrong. I think this will spell trouble for the Maggie in the future. Evidence of Civilization Rick and Michonne tell an injured Negan in "Wrath" that he will be evidence of civilization. They will keep him locked away in a jail cell to rot in the hope that the future will change for the better. Rick... more

'The Walking Dead' Can't Redeem Eugene, And It Should Stop Trying

As The Walking Dead season 8 hurdles towards its endgame, one thing is very clear. Eugene is the absolute worst.  It's always been difficult to root for Eugene. His unique speech pattern is off-putting and the only character more cowardly than Eugene is King of the Wimps, Gregory. The more Eugene has survived, the less likable he's become. Throughout his aggravating journey, The Walking Dead has had... more


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