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Aired: Feb 04, 2018 , Tuesday at 21:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: Randall hosts a Super Bowl party while Kevin and Kate reconnect with the past.
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Super Bowl Sunday

Well, This Is Us Season 2 Episode 14 really brought on the waterworks. As the lead-out Super Bowl episode, the series delivered on their promise of unveiling the mystery of Jack's death.  As much as we thought we wanted the answers, I don't think many of us were prepared for them. In the words of adult-Kate, "I cry so much these days." Super Bowl Sunday picked up with the fire that's spreading throughout the house. Jack woke up in the middle of the night an... more

How Does Jack Die?

It's the 20th anniversary of Jack's death on This Is Us, and each Pearson honors the man in a different way in this episode, titled "Super Bowl Sunday." In the past, we learn exactly how Jack Pearson dies the night their home burns down, something every fan has been waiting for in season 2. And fans even get a glimpse into the future.It's Not Just a HouseSomehow, Jack wakes up and notices smoke coming in through the door. He sees that the house is on fire and quickly wak... more



'This Is Us' Creator on What He'd Do Differently About Jack's Death Storyline

Though fans already know how Jack met his end on This Is Us, there were some things surrounding the mystery of the Pearson patriarch's death that should have been done differently, according to series creator Dan Fogelman. Jack died from cardiac arrest caused by smoke inhalation hours after rescuing his family and dog from the burning house.  "When I started to write this thing, in my mind's eye, there was a fire at the house, and the patriarch of the family hero... more

Why We Want 'This Is Us' to Keep Showing the Impact of Jack's Death

While we now know the cause of Jack's death and have seen his death on-screen, there's so much more story to be told. Following his death and during the funeral, the series has focused on Rebecca's grief and how she's coping on with life post-Jack Pearson, but the series hasn't really touched upon the kids outside of brief moments to cause Rebecca frustration, heartbreak and even anger as she copes. Before This Is Us returns to stories outside of Jack and his death, we need to... more

'This Is Us' Scores Big Ratings, But the Super Bowl Hits 9-Year Low

The ratings are in, and This Is Us made a huge impact following one of the least-watched Super Bowls in the past decade. On average, Super Bowl LII which saw the Philadelphia Eagles defeat the New England Patriots averaged 103.4 million viewers. That sounds impressive, but it's lower than the past eight Super Bowls. Last year saw 111.3 million viewers. In fact, among the Top 10 TV broadcasts in the U.S., this year's Super Bowl barely makes the list in 10th place. It's beh... more


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